VR Logging Game Launched By A Swedish Chainsaw Brand

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There is nothing safe in using a chainsaw as it is a kind of tool, which you would play with for your fun while having beers with friends and witnessing someone cutting of limbs of a tree or so. Well, Virtual Reality has made everything possible.

Well, it is also the time for weekend’s World Logging Championships in Poland, and the Swedish chainsaw brand Husqvarna is working with DigitasLBi Nordics so as to create VR chainsaw game named it “Limberjack” to give a chance for the wannabe lumberjacks to unleash their inner Paul Bunyan.

Limberjack, made a debut on the HTC Vive VR platform that lets player strip 24 branches from the tree trunk as they have to race against the clock. And it happens on the coast of the pristine lake beautifully surrounded by mountains.

Digitas is replicating the Husqvarna 369 chainsaw in VR. As told by Peder Sandqvist who is the head of VR and AR in DigitasLBi Nordics, his whole team spent a lot of time with some of the best Swedish loggers so as to learn the craft of sawing limbs off of a tree.

This is one of many Virtual Reality projects that are created by the Nordics office of Digitas. Few months ago, it launched a Virtual Store for OnePlus. And there are many Virtual Reality centers that are coming up in the world.




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