Udacity Joined Hands with Google, HTC for VR Developer Program

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Udacity has recently joined hands with Google, HTC and others to launch a VR Developer Nanodegree program in India. The course price range starts at $199 per month when converted in Indian rupees it is approximately Rs 13,200.

The course will help students to engage directly with the VR content so as to act on real and imaginary virtual environments. Students will be given access to a high-immersion Virtual Reality setup like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift so that they can take full advantage of this optional concentration track on High Immersion Virtual Reality. They will be able to learn skills for example like mobile phone-based Virtual Reality and desktop Virtual Reality, game engines, Virtual Reality design and user interaction, famous Virtual Reality platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and Daydream

The course will offer exciting career opportunities in this expanding global industry that is currently running over 800 percent year after year job growth. Their vision for the Virtual Reality Nanodegree course is to get the focus on learning-by-doing by you so that the time spent should be tagged as proper utilization of the work while building real experiences.

Every student that registers himself will receive a limited edition mobile VR viewer that can be used with their mobile phone that can be either Android or iPhone. The Virtual Reality Developer Nanodegree program is just $199 per month in which students will have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits which is integral for every career-path Udacity program. Students will now learn to create 3D scenes in which they will be able to define certain behavioural patterns and will make the experiences more comfortable and exciting.





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