Now Recalibrate The Energy Sector With Virtual Reality

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Our brains are much better in processing the images and colours than processing numbers and that is why human have a lot of hard times with numbers. And, an inconsequential task like identification of a table is very difficult for computers.  The reason we are saying this is that the utility companies are soon going to start using VR so as to get a help to run their businesses in a much better way.  We all know that these utility companies tend to rely more on reams of data in order to manage their complex network of substations, power plants, etc. Humans used to manage this data and they were not quite effective in maintaining the data then, computers came into the picture and changed a lot of things as they manage the data in a more effective way.

These Utility Companies are experimenting by putting the talents of computers and humans together so that they could examine how VR can be used in a maintenance process. The main idea in the wake of using VR in the electrical grid arena is that it could help the utility companies to identify and mend their problems in the utility system. This in return can lead to the faster working and lesser risk of unhappy customers in your circle.

California utility PG&E is investing in virtual reality to improve the working of their operations. PG&E has 150,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines which means that VR a wide scope of improving the maintenance efficiency. Virtual reality has been a cutting-edge technology in the last couple of years, and all thanks to Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, etc. The VR project has been taken on by PG&E which represents a step towards the practical applications for Virtual Reality in an advanced industrial setting.




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