Virtual Reality Platform Instigated By L.A. Tourism for Planners

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For the very first time the conference planners will be able to explore a great range of the event venues whole throughout the city in VR platform and in 360-degree video in order to help them design the citywide events. Meet L.A., is part of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board that recently launched the Virtual Discovery L.A. portal with more than 50 group spaces, and gathering the places that are being showcased in an immersive video.

Planners will now be able to navigate digitally via many of L.A.’s iconic sites such as L.A. LIVE or Walt Disney Concert Hall and many others. The platform also takes the viewers on the neighbourhood tours.  Meet L.A.’s VR experience which was developed by Xplorit, which has been successful in producing such an extensive range of the leisure and the meetings-themed Virtual Reality content for the different tourism destinations and the hotels in the last few years. The Xplorit component is building on the success of the Meet L.A. A website that was launched last year and designed first and foremost to differentiate the city’s numerous individual neighbourhoods. Darren Green, who is the senior VP of the sales at Meet L.A., says that the Virtual Discovery L.A. portal helps the planners further to orient themselves in the slouching metropolis, in order to have a better understanding of the different communities.

Their main goal was to make L.A. a little more approachable and in a hand where you can reach out and put their hand inside the bubble. They have done so as to make their lives easier by listening to the customer advisory board about different kind of tools. If we talk about Xplorit then, it features a navigation bar on their left which includes the additional content in order to provide further context all around the venue search planners in the way planners moving around the portal. This is a new branch that came into existence after medical or tourism or real estate or music branch. Virtual Reality has challenged our traditional style of watching TV. 




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