Now Dip In the World Of Watches World With Virtual Reality

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Swiss watchmakers are often regarded as nostalgic by nature. This is the best possible way to explain the reference to a golden era of timekeeping which was more than 200 years ago. Now-a-days the watchmakers are embracing the possibilities of Virtual Reality so as to stimulate the user’s presence in the illusionistic world with the help of VR headsets. Tom Emrich who is the Toronto-based co-producer of Augmented World Expo which is a conference dedicated to augmented and virtual reality feels that Luxury brands are now taking a step further i.e., instead of watching, the end user is actually there in the experience.


Polo is considered as the sport of kings, but Piaget has specially made sure that anyone who is having an internet connection will now be able to feel what it is like to ride in the midst of the swinging mallets and also the pounding hooves of a polo match. Exclusively filmed in Chantilly situated in France, the Swiss brand’s 2 minute plus ‘Polo Experience’ is now made available in both Virtual Reality and 360-degree video formats which made its debut in mid-July during an event in Brooklyn which coincides with the revealing of the Piaget Polo S which happens to be a steel timepiece which is being made aiming the younger buyers.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer main motto is “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860,” went all the way in virtual reality a year ago in a partnership with 909c which is a Paris-based digital marketing agency in order to create a racecar-centered Virtual Reality experience so as to highlight the brand’s iconic collection of Automotive inspired chronographs named as Carrera. The video filmed is of two minutes named as “Crafting a Legend: Ride with TAG Heuer,” It teaches sought about the complexity of the watch brand’s movements in which viewers will be able explore the inner workings of a Carrera wristwatch.

It is true that many Luxury brands are now choosing Virtual Reality as they are trying to run along with technology in order to lure the customers for their brands. Let’s hope for the biggest thing to happen to the luxury industry since e-commerce.




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