LIFE VR, Division By Time INC Will Now Debut In VR Content Conference

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Everyone is busy in the race that is going for Virtual Reality and new budding firms are now coming up on the platform of Virtual Reality.  This is true for LIFE VR which is a new multi-platform, Virtual Reality brand which has made a plan to make its debut as a new content maker at the Virtual Reality conference, which is named as “VR On The Lot” which is to be held on 13-14 October at Paramount Studios situated in Los Angeles.

LIFE VR is known to be an extension of Time Inc.’s LIFE brand. This division will include all the programming happening from the media company’s and there are more than 25 brands which are included in this list and some of them are TIME, PEOPLE. LIFE VR is to be launching this fall. It will first be launched as a free app which will be made available for both iOS and Android devices.

Virtual Reality is an exciting and a new medium for all the content producers and brands like Time Inc., is enabling the content producer to take their storytelling to the next level by producing the real world in the virtual way for the viewers.

The conference, which is named as “VR on the Lot” will feature a lot of presentations, invited from many media, marketing and education category companies. The interesting part is that the presentations will also be given by Robert Stromberg, who has directed the famous movies in a Virtual Reality platform like The Martian VR Experience and Bryan Singer who has directed a famous movie in Hollywood X-Men series. We are now witnessing the increase of roles in Hollywood and it is a real treat for Virtual Reality enthusiasts.





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