Top Trends in Gaming Every Pro Should Know About

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Gaming industry has existed in the world for too many years now and has also seen tremendous growth and evolution. We have seen the games transform from black and white to colored and the graphics turn head over heels from grainy to pixilated and now finally high resolution and life-like graphics are ruling the gaming world. And the best part, there is so much more to explore and bring to life. Here are the top trends in Gaming every pro should know about.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, the concept and technology which is taking the world by storm has been majorly undertaken as a theme and project for the next big thing in the gaming technology. The notion of Virtual Reality however, is not just limited to gaming but also involves applications in Military, Medical science, Architecture and other commercial platforms. Virtual Reality walks hand-in-hand with 3D and thus it works on creating a 3D virtual world through computer generated graphics giving the user an experience of another world inside the real world.

Quite rightfully so, Facebook last year acquired Oculus VR the company working on the technology in gaming and is now aggressively dedicated to introducing VR to the end users. Walking the footsteps has been Google with its VR Cardboard the first product with an insight to the VR world. The Gaming pioneer company Sony is also working on its VR product the Morpheus intending its release with the PS4 gaming console.

Live Streaming Game play

Live streaming in games is yet another trend which has spread through the gaming world like forest fire. Live streaming is a concept that works with active web services which enables the users to view the progress of the game while it is being played by players. One of the prominent features of this concept is in-app chatting which allows the players to communicate and interact within the game through chatting. Recently, Amazon acquired the Twitch for $970 million, which is a leading name in live streaming game play. The twitch is known for creating games with interactive playthroughs, broadcasting e-sports and other game related events.

Open Source Gaming

Open source gaming refers to developing games which have open source code or in simple words the code of the games can be developed and is available to the users without having them to build it up from scratch. Open source games are also called free games as these are available as free software. Open source games are mostly handled and developed by those who do not develop games for commercial purposes. Open source games also known as Linux games are mostly fulfilled in content, graphic and audio and therefore are the new face of gaming as it delivers development and customization right into the user’s hands.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is an advantageous concept for those who hate spending hours downloading a good game with cool graphics and then spending minutes waiting for it load files. Cloud gaming is for your rescue as it stores games on a remote server and allows the user to play the game from your system without having to install or download the game. The concept works in two ways:

Video Streaming: In this, the game stored on a remote server and requires only the user’s response which is sent to the server for various actions.

File Streaming: In this the system stores the important files of the game which constitutes merely 5% of the whole game in the cache which allows the user to start playing with no lag time and the rest of the game is cached or downloaded to the system while the user is already playing.

Companies using this technology are CiiNOW, PlayGiga, Playcast Media Systems, Ubitus, Gaikai and OnLive.

E-Games Championships

E-games and championships is a facet of technology which lets multiple players participate and play a game via internet. There are many e-championships organized like the one held in Seoul, South Korea which had thousands of players participating and hundreds other watching it live online. E-games and championships have gone a long way to make e-sports a reality.

With the world now interacting in a close knit network called internet and humans finding out new ways to explore the possibilities, technology is paving way for a virtual world to really exist. So these were the latest top 5 trends in gaming which will soon have many new enthralling additions.




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