Be Ready To Be Blown By The World’s First VR Ballet Experience

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Everyone loves ballet and everyone dreams to be n a ballet. Now your dreams will get fulfilled by the Dutch National Opera & Ballet has done with Night Fall with Virtual Reality. It is the world’s first and the foremost ballet which will be immersive like never before. The process is quite simple if you want to view it, just strap Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR and simply enjoy an astonishing 360 degree video and places you in the midst of a ballet dance performance.

 The ballet has been especially choreographed for this film by a 360 degree camera with 8 lenses is placed on a stand in the middle of the stage. You can new view up, down, left, right of the whole ballet dance.

VR is new and the Dutch National Ballet has always been known as the early adopter to the new technologies. The Dutch National Ballet has intended to reach out people who would normally never buy a ticket to see a ballet. VR is being used in many new experiments like in medical industry, real estate industry, and finally now in Dance industry.





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