The Lovable Tale Of Henry Is The First VR Film To Win An Emmy

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Henry the lovable tale of a hedgehog has won hearts across the globe showcasing its journey in search of friendship in a VR film created by Oculus Store Studios that has become the first ever VR film to have won an Emmy Award for being an “Outstanding Original Interactive Program”.

Henry was made available for the viewers on Oculus Store exploring the possibilities of VR Motion pictures seeing the latest trend of entertainment industry which has shown gravitating keenness in the immersive media. Henry is a spectacular story of a hedgehog that sets out into the world desperately looking out for friendship, his only foe being his not-so cuddly outer appearance which makes it hard to be hugged.

The delightful experience is more than charming matching the signature fascination present in any of Pixar’s animated production. The movie is being regarded as major milestone in the course of VR entertainment and media. Henry is the most brilliant representation of an early attempt at VR filmmaking combating challenges such as re-inventing the art of storytelling aspect of linear visual TV and Movies and the essential look-anywhere challenges VR poses. Oculus’ OSS team explored the challenges in depth which were also presented at the Oculus Connect Conference last year.

Oculus also claimed that Henry is just one step in the direction of immersive interactive media and there is still a long way to go ahead discovering new possibilities in the field. Henry is a project which the Company hopes will inspire aspiring storytellers to bring new ideas and concepts on the table.

Oculus Story Studios has set its course with two new projects on the way, LOST which has already been released and Dear Angelica which will be previewed at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.




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