XING: the Land beyond is here on HTC Vive Trailer Launch today

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XING: the Land Beyond is coming to HTC Vive which is a mesmerizing creation by White Lotus Interactive Media Firm. XING is an adventure title which comes with full motion support on the HTC platform.

XING: the Land Beyond is one of the earliest VR titles created which was initially developed with Conditional VR support i.e. it can be played with or without VR was first pledged for Oculus Rift. The developers of the experience have been reported to draw aspirations from another Adventure Puzzler classic Myst, and the Legend of Zelda and Portal which is why you can also notice some of the influence in the trailer of the XING.

The initially set XING for Oculus Rift support has now been tweaked by the developers who revealed that they have been working on the experience to launch it on HTC Vive and SteamVR motion controllers. The developers at the White Lotus Interactive Firm have also revealed in a blog how bringing XING to the HTC Vive platform was a big task but also awesome fun. The team had to combat a lot of challenges while introducing the experience on HTC’s room scale tracking for locomotion within the experience which is why the developers have introduced two methods, first being the ‘free movement’ which is analogous to the first person shooter controls and second is teleportation which has been integrated in many of the early Vive experiences.





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